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Use Content Boost to create or supplement your content library on your website. 🧲 Get more prospects to your website by creating social media posts with excerpts from Content Boost articles with a link to the full article on your website. 📩 Strengthen your email communications to prospects and clients by featuring excerpts from Content Boost articles as teasers with links that drive more traffic to the full article on your website. 🤝 Save time when meeting with clients or answering their questions about a particular financial planning topic by using Content Boost excerpts and articles to support your talking points. 💡 Build authority and demonstrate your knowledge of financial planning topics by adding callout quotes to Content Boost articles featuring your own insights and perspectives. 👩‍💻 Create links from Content Boost articles to your original articles that can improve search engine optimization (SEO), helping your content rank higher in Google search results. Each article in the Content Boost library is available in a Google Doc, viewable online, or downloadable as a Microsoft Word document. Articles are formatted and optimized for publishing on the web and are easy to copy and paste into your content management system. While other benefits offered by Wealthtender help your ideal prospects discover you and get to your website, Content Boost helps you keep them there. Turn your website into a powerful marketing tool to attract more prospects while driving deeper engagement with your current clients.

Content Boost is a benefit available to financial advisors in the Wealthtender community who are Elite plan subscribers. ✅ If you're an Elite plan subscriber ready to activate your Content Boost benefit, simply email, and we'll get you set up. ✅ If you're a financial advisor in the Wealthtender community interested in upgrading to the Elite plan, please email, and we'll be happy to help. -- Not yet a member of the Wealthtender Community? 🚀 To learn more about the benefits of joining Wealthtender and to gain access to the Content Boost library, please visit

While we keep FINRA rules and guidelines in mind when reviewing articles added to the Content Boost library, the content has not been FINRA reviewed.

You should follow your normal content review procedures. Because most Content Boost articles are educational in nature, FINRA generally does not require lengthy disclosures, as they discuss in Regulatory Notice 19-31 (see link that follows - Refer to Q.5 - Educational Communications).

Content Boost is primarily available to financial advisors in the Wealthtender community with an Elite plan subscription who have activated this benefit. Alternatively, Content Boost is currently offered as a standalone offering for $33/month. To sign up for Content Boost as a standalone service, please send a note to

New articles are added to the Content Boost library each month. Financial advisors who have activated their Content Boost benefit can also submit article ideas and/or vote on them to help us decide which articles we’ll write next.

The short answer is that Google does not penalize a website for publishing non-original content when done legitimately (e.g., using licensed content republished with permission, etc.). When you open a Google doc in the Wealthtender Content Boost library, you'll see a brief disclosure at the bottom of the article telling Google and other search engines that the article is syndicated content republished on your site. By including this disclosure at the bottom of the article published on your site, search engines understand the content has been republished appropriately.

The most impactful way to strengthen your SEO includes writing high-quality, original content on your website, then raising awareness of articles you've published with other online publications that ideally link back to your article within content published on their websites. While Content Boost articles are not written by you, they can benefit your website's SEO by increasing the time spent by visitors to your website. Further, you can also include links from the Content Boost articles you syndicate to your original content, which can positively benefit how your original content ranks in Google search results. For example, if you republish a Content Boost article about Portfolio Construction, you can find the words "asset allocation" in the article and link from these keywords, known as "anchor text," to an original article on your website about the topic of asset allocation. The link from the anchor text "asset allocation" is useful to Google when its bots crawl your site to better understand and strengthen their confidence that this is what your article is all about.

If you’re interested in ordering custom content, we encourage you to visit the directory of personal finance writers curated by Wealthtender, accessible via this link: If you find a writer you're interested in working with, you can contact them from their directory listing or by visiting their website. If you would prefer to request custom content coordinated through Wealthtender, please email, and we’ll be happy to help.

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